Guns and Witches, What Can Go Wrong? : Being Human Episode (3×11) Review – “If I Only Had Raw Brain”

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Being Human US Season 3 Cast

Now that the end of season 3 is close at hand, things are really spinning out of control on SyFy’s Being Human. Sally is deteriorating at a fast rate now that she’s decided not to eat living things. As the zombie prepares to say good-bye to her friends, she also makes one last-ditch effort to life. Now that Josh knows that Aidan told the vampires how to survive the VIRUS, he’s feeling a little betrayed. Was Josh wrong to take Aidan’s side all this time, or are things more complicated than he’s allowed himself to admit? This is the question that plagues Josh in “If I Only Had Raw Brain.” Earlier this season Aidan made a deal with Kenny in exchange for pure, untainted blood. Now that the bill has come due, Aidan struggles with having to pay the piper.  For three seasons we’ve watched them struggle to live a “normal” life, and while they’ve gotten their wish, it hasn’t been in the manner they’ve expected. With only 2 episode left this season the friends all have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

Being Human Episode (3×12) Clip – “Always a Bridesmaid, Never Alive”

Being Human - 3x11 - If I Only Had Raw Brain 4Brotherhood of the Wolf.. Josh may have only known Pete for a short amount of time, but he’s grieving his death nonetheless. Up until now, all the werewolves (aside from Nora) Josh has met have been somewhat crazy. Pete has been the only one to act like a true mentor to Josh. The old hippie has been a wolf for a long time, and like Josh, wasn’t always accepting of who he is. In the past the wolves Josh has met couldn’t understand why Josh hating being a werewolf. It was nice for him and Nora to have someone in their lives with a different perspective. Now that’s gone. I was a little disappointed the show killed off Pete so soon. It would have been nice to watch Josh and Nora’s relationship with the gentle wolf progress, and watch them form their own wolf pack. While I understand why Aidan made a deal with the vampires to leave Josh and Nora alone, Aidan’s blase attitude of Pete’s death was really disappointing. Aidan has lived long enough to know that you can’t just give information like that, and not stick around to make sure it’s implemented correctly. After telling the vamps the cure, Aidan just walked away from his ‘people,’ without taking any responsibility to make sure they’d act responsibly with the knowledge he imparted to them. True, Aidan wasn’t close with Pete, but he should have realized how his actions would affect Josh and Nora. By giving the vampires the cure for the VIRUS, Aidan essentially started a race war. (More…)


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