That Arm There? I Want to Eat That : Being Human Episode (3×10) Review – “Those About to Rot”

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Being Human US Season 3 Cast

One of the things I love about Being Human is how much they manage to shock me. Beginning this series as a fan of the British version, I thought the show would just regurgitate previous storylines for the U.S. audience. That was back in season 1. Now that I’m a fan of the SyFy series, one would think I would know better than to believe I know what the writers are about to do. Well played Chris Dingess. All of this basically is my way of saying that I was wrong. Zoe, my friends, is alive and well. Huzzah!

Being Human Episode (3×10) Promo & Synopsis – “If I Only Had Raw Brain”

Being Human 3x10 - Those About to Rot 2Evil Dead… Now that Sally understands what’s been going on with her since she’s been back from the dead, she decides to check on Nick and Stevie to see how they’re holding up. First stop: Nick and Zoe’s. Or it used to be Nick and Zoe’s, but now it’s just Zoe’s. Zoe was forced to put Nick down when he charged her in his quest for brains flesh. Zoe is traumatized by the event, because she didn’t know Nick had become a ghoul, but Nick was grateful she bashed his skull in. Now that he’s a ghost (again), Nick is able to get his door, and this time he wisely chose to walk through it. But before he leaves, Nick offers his girlfriend one piece of advice, “Stay away from Sally. She’ll kill you, even if she doesn’t think she will.” Seems that Nick has little faith in Sally’s abstinence plan, and neither do I. While I’m sad to see Nick go, the romantic in me is grateful Nick didn’t chow down on Zoe’s face. Maybe true love means bashing in the skull of someone you love before they can tear you to shreds. (More…)


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