Pretty Little Liars (3×19) Review: “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted”

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This week on Pretty Little Liars the Liars all tried to move on with their lives in light of recent revelations. Hanna figured out that Caleb’s uncle Jaime is really his biological father, yet Caleb refuses to acknowledge Hanna’s theory. Ezra now knows Aria hid the information that he has a son from him for months, and has left town to spend time with the child he never knew he had. As Ezra exits stage left, his younger brother Wesley enters stage right with problems of his own. In an effort to take her mind off of killing Nate, Emily digs deeper into the mystery of Alison’s “Beach Hottie.” She believes the mystery man is none other than Det. Wilden, but is she right? Spencer is struggling to deal with a broken heart, while Mona ups the ante.

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Pretty Little Liars - What Becomes of the Broken Hearted“What Becomes of the Broken Hearted” show how different people handle pain in different ways. Caleb is distraught over the idea that a man who has been in his life since he was 5 years old could in fact be his father. Caleb has spent his entire life wishing he had his parents, and now that he has reunited with his mother his father is trying to reveal himself. While Caleb isn’t interested in bonding with a man who has lied to him his entire life, Hanna knows Caleb will one day regret pushing Jaime away, and sets out to bring the two men together. Though things don’t start out well when Jaime is several hours late to meet up with Caleb and Hannah, in the end the two bond over how wonderfully inappropriate Hanna can be . Since Jaime lives 2 hours away, Hannah finagles him a job painting the church so Jaime can stay in Rosewood, and spend more time with Caleb. All’s well that ends well, or so Hanna thinks. By the end of the evening Hanna realizes she may have made a huge mistake when Jaime pays for their dinner with the $5 bill that had a pair of red dice stamped on it that Hanna left in the church’s donation box earlier. Seems Like Jaime is up to his old tricks again. (More…)


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