Pretty Little Liars (3×20) Review: “Hot Water”

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In “Hot Water” the Pretty Little Liars never seem to clear their lives of drama. Hannah suspects Jaime is still a thief, but doesn’t want to destroy Caleb’s reunion with his father. Spencer is still ditching school so she won’t have to deal with Toby, and now what’s happened between her and Mona. Melissa has covered for her, but is threatening to out Spence to their parents if Spencer doesn’t pull her act together. Ezra has been gone now for weeks, and when he surprises Aria by returning unexpectedly, Aria is worried it’s to give her the boot. As the Liars continue to investigate Det. Wilden’s probable involvement with Alison, the girls find themselves in a bind when the cop reveals he’s on to them.

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JULIAN MORRIS, TROIAN BELLISARIOI don’t know which is more disturbing. That a cop may have had a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl, impregnated her, then killed her so the truth wouldn’t get out. Or could it be that Rosewood, PA is full of older men having relationships with high school girls. Last week Wren showed up to rescue Spencer from herself. He didn’t do such a bang-up job, since Spence was able to manipulate him into taking him to the hotel the decathlon team was staying at so she could choke Mona out. This week he came back, and the two got close. Besides the age difference, this is wrong on so many levels.

For one, Wren originally came to Spencer to offer her some help in a medical capacity. I was confused by this to be quite honest, because I wasn’t aware he was a psychiatrist seeing as he previously helped Emily when “A” tainted Emily’s Ben-Gay. Even if you also overlook the fact that Wren was Spencer’s sister Melissa’s ex-fiance, the mere fact of the matter is Spencer is in the middle of something dangerous. Her ex-boyfriend Toby has been unmasked as a member of the “A-Team,” and has proven he’s willing to get his hands dirty. Not only that, but there’s a good chance Toby saw Spencer and Wren kissing which can’t bode well for the young doctor. (More…)


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