Pretty Little Liars (3×21) Review: “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”

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The gaslighting of Spencer Hastings seems to have been a success this week on Pretty Little Liars. For weeks the “A-Team” has been after Spencer in some sort of guerilla warfare against her mental state. I can only guess that they’ve been so intent on driving her crazy because Spencer is the brains of the Liars. Sure the other 3 girls are smart, but it’s Spencer’s tenaciousness that drove her to set the trap for Toby. With her out-of-the-way the “A-Team” stands a better chance at taking the Liars down once and for all.

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Friends ‘Til the End?

In “Out of Sight Out of Mind,” Spencer finally came clean to the Liars about what she had learned about Toby. While Aria was sympathetic, Emily was outraged and refused to believe Spencer. As far as Em was concerned, Spence was just upset over her break-up with Toby, or had misunderstood. Emily’s denial of the facts as Spencer had relayed them was understandable considering her relationship with Toby, but it annoyed me nonetheless. Spencer has always been there for the girls (until recently, anyway), and now that she needs them they brush her off as being confused, or vindictive. Honestly, I don’t know, because as soon as Emily told Spencer: (More…)


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