Pretty Little Liars Episode (3×23) Review – “I’m Your Puppet”

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With only just one more episode to go this season, Pretty Little Liars offered up some shocking revelations. Toby may really be dead, “A” framed Jaime, and Spencer is a member of the “A” team had everyone talking. “I’m your Puppet” had a couple of meanings. One, the puppet show that “A,” aka Spencer, took Ezra’s son to. Two, the Liars being manipulated by the “A-Team” into doing whatever they want. While I have no interest whatsoever in the whole ‘Jaime is a Thief plot,’ the other reveals were jaw-dropping.

Pretty Little Liars Episode (3×23) “I’m Your Puppet” – MVA Revealed

LUCY HALE, SHAY MITCHELL, ASHLEY BENSONWhile Spencer looked for clues Mona left behind in Radley, the Liars each tried to stay one step ahead. Emily wanted to disprove Spencer’s belief that it was Toby she found dead in the woods, and ended up discovering Spencer may have been right after the police found a body buried in a shallow grace right where Spencer said. Aria started the day trying to get Ezra’s job back at Rosewood Day by denying their relationship to the principal, and ended up chasing after “A” when she discovered “A” had taken Ezra’s son. Though Aria did get him back, I don’t get why someone so frantic about a missing child wouldn’t tell anyone what was happening. If not the police, then her mother, perhaps. Hanna was saddled with the news that the church council believed Jaime had stolen their bell, and pocketed the $8000 he got for it from his sale on the Internet. After Hanna told Caleb what everyone thought, and he pushed his father out of his life, “A” texted Hanna to gloat over how she was so easily duped. (More…)


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