The Vampire Diaries Episode (4×15) Recap – “Stand By Me”

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Previously on The Vampire Diaries

  • Jeremy died.
  • Katherine returned.
  • Silas is risen.

Like the Stephen King novella and film by director Rob Reiner (1986) of the same name, “Stand By Me” dealt with the pain of loss, the power of friendship, and the decisions we make that can change our lives forever.

“There’s no science here. There’s just magic.”

Stefan and Elena return to Mystic Falls with Jeremy’s body while Damon and Rebekah stayed behind on the island to search for a missing Bonnie. As Elena dealt with her denial over Jeremy’s death, the pain she was in truly resonated with me. As someone who has lost someone important in my family, I remember the numbness you feel when you have to go through the motions of ‘taking care of business.’ The people around you are concerned about you, and have no real clue what to do. So to keep busy in the most awkward of situations, they spend their time picking up after you, fixing food, and asking the most bizarre questions. Questions you really don’t want to bother answering. The most annoying aspect of all of this (besides losing your loved one) is how everyone around you talks about you as if you aren’t even there. Just because your eyes are glassed over in grief, doesn’t mean you can’t hear what’s happening around you. Elena knew Jeremy was dead. Yeah, she had hope that maybe he could still come back since the tattoo had disappeared from his body when Bonnie performed the spell, but she wasn’t delusional. She just had hope. (More…)


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