The Walking Dead Episode (3×14) Review – “Prey”

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“Prey” was a reminder that though The Walking Dead is a show about how human nature can turn on a dime when civilization breaks down, it’s still a horror show at its heart. And what no better way to remind your audience what they’re watching than with a chase through a dark, creepy, abandoned warehouse filled with zombies. While last week we were treated to a calm but devious version of the Governor, this week we were introduced to a more methodical and bloodthirsty version.

The Walking Dead Episode (4×14) “Prey” – MVA Revealed

The Walking dead 3x14 - Prey 2The episode started off with a flashback to when Michonne and Andrea were off on their own before they found the town of Woodbury. This scene was important for several reasons. One, it underscored how close these two women were, which  comes to play later when Andrea learns about the Governor’s treaty conditions. Two, it also reminded us that not even Andrea knows everything about Michonne. This is an important point, because Rick & Co. have used Michonne’s ‘otherness’ to keep her at arm’s length. Now that it’s been pointed out that her best friend whom she lived alone with for the past year also sees her as an enigma, it proves Michonne doesn’t like to let anyone get too close. Nothing illustrated this more than when Andrea finally asked Michonne about her pet Walkers. Earlier this season in “Walk with Me,” Milton recognized that Michonne must have known her pet walkers in life by the way she was able to control them. He said, “The way you control them. Use them to your benefit. You did know them, didn’t you?” Though Michonne refused to answer Andrea’s question, she did let on that these two men had done something horrible to her when they were alive, and that what she did to them in death was their punishment for this unknown crime. (More…)


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