All Roads Lead to Laurel: Arrow Episode (1×20) Review – “Home Invasion”

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Maybe it’s just me, but this last hiatus felt like it lasted forever. Now that it’s over, all I can say is, “THANK GOD!” With only three episodes left this season “Home Invasion” focused a lot on what Oliver has thought ever since he returned to town. This week on Arrow, Oliver had to protect Laurel from a hitman intent on killing a child who witnessed his father’s murder. J. August Richards (Angel) guest starred this week as the hitman working for financier Edward Rasmus, as the white-collar criminal attempted to evade prison by putting a hit on the DA’s star witness in the criminal case against him.

Arrow Episode (1×21) Promo – “The Undertaking”

Home InvasionOliver has had his fair share of romances since his return to Starling City, but Laurel Lance has always had his heart. Though Oliver had promised to help Diggle take down Deadshot for Dig’s brother’s murder, Oliver ends up ditching him when he discovers Laurel’s life is in danger. By the end of the episode Ollie may have saved Laurel, but it was at the detriment to yet another friendship. Though I completely understand Oliver’s reasoning, his decision cost the lives of four agents. Now Deadshot has disappeared, and Diggle may have lost his one chance for vengeance. (More…)


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