DaVinci’s Demons Episode (1×03) Review – “The Prisoner”

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This week’s episode of DaVinci’s Demons was downright terrifying. While the previous episodes gave the audience a glimpse of the internal demons that plague Leonardo Da Vinci’s brilliant mind, “The Prisoner” contained actual demons. Or so it seemed. In truth, the “demons” possessing the good sisters at St. Anthony’s convent were created by Pope Sixtus VI to compel the people of Florence to rise up against the Medici family. As Leonardo donned his detective hat to sort out the political ploy, we got a closer glimpse at the real demons that live inside everyone.

DaVinci’s Demons Episode (1×04) Promo & Synopsis – “The Magician”

DaVinci's Demons, 2013Despite having to save the day once again, Leonardo still has responsibilities to attend to. DaVinci foolishly promised to build ammunitions for Lorenzo de Medici, but currently doesn’t have the means to carry off his plans. I guess that’s one of the failings of his genius – the ability to dream beyond his reality. Lorenzo and Leonardo’s relationship is complicated, but one of the aspects of the show I find I really enjoy. It’s obvious Lorenzo looks down on Leo for his low birth as the bastard of a nobleman, but can’t help admire his brilliant mind. This push and pull between them keeps the audience on the edge of their seat, because even though the characters in the series are based on real people, there’s still a feeling that anyone can die at any time. (More…)


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