Long Story: Arrow Episode (1×19) Review – “Unfinished Business”

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Arrow Cast

“Unfinished Business” moved the season 1 plot of Arrow along, but also managed to tie up a few loose ends. With only 4 episodes left this season, the series made sure to set up the character arcs for May sweeps and the upcoming finale. When a young woman is killed in a hit and run outside of club Verdant due to intoxication from the highly addictive Vertigo, Oliver decides to suit up and pay the Count a visit at the asylum. Meanwhile, Tommy Merlyn tries to prove his innocence when Det. Lance investigates him as a possible drug dealer.

Arrow Episode (1×20) Extended Promo – “Home Invasion”

Unfinished BusinessIt was obvious from the onset that the Count couldn’t possibly  have been behind this new batch of Vertigo, because he’s completely out of his mind. What was also obvious was that the strange orderly Det. Lance saw when he visited the Count was somehow involved. Not only was he staring at the detective and doctor for no apparent reason, but the camera focused on him for way too long. This was kind of disappointing for me. Mostly because I spent the entire episode wondering if he was working alone, or if the doctor was involved. Turned out I was right about the doctor. Take notes episode director: No giving away the bad guy within the first 10 minutes. Bad form dude. (More…)


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