Someone Always Talks: Cult Episode (1×07) Review – “Suffer the Children”

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Cult Season 1 Seeing is Deceiving

As Jeff and Skye continue their search for Nate, the two uncover Detective Sakelik’s hidden past. Raw from Burt’s death at the hands of the mysterious detective, Jeff is out for blood, but is afraid to endanger the lives of his remaining allies. Skye has been so busy helping Jeff, that she hasn’t noticed she has her very own stalker, and she’s not the only one. Roger keeps running into Stuart unexpectedly. Now that Roger is planning on filming a new television series on the lot, he claims to have set his eyes on Roger as the lead. Meanwhile on Cult, Billy and Kelly continue to dance around each other.

Cult Episode (1×10) Synopsis – “The Prophesy of St. Clare”

Suffer the ChildrenAfter Burt helped Jeff break into Sakelik’s home to steal the cure Skye needed to survive the drug allergy she sustained after being roofied during the fan party, Sakelik put 2+2 together and shot the newspaper editor in his home. Apparently the wound was severe, because Burt ended up dying from his injuries. At the funeral Sakelik made sure to let Jeff know that Burt won’t be the last to suffer injury (or worse) if he doesn’t stop interfering ring in her plans. We never did learn what those plans were, but after “Suffer the Children” we now know Sakelik grew up with Stuart, and two more people (Luis and Annabel) at a cult commune. Jeff and Skye uncover Sakelik’s past when E.J. hands over a file on the detective’s history. This leads them to a large home up near Lake Arrowhead called “Moon Hill.” This story was very interesting. Sakelik has been a very mysterious character, and it was nice to learn something about her. (More…)


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