‘The Hanged Man’ – First Impression Review Of Starz’ New Series “Da Vinci’s Demons”

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Da Vinci's Demons Promo

“I’m the sun of Earth and Starry Heaven. I am thirsty. Please bring me something from to drink from the fountain of memory.”

Da Vinci’s Demons is a new series from David S. Goyer, Co-Writer of The Dark Knight Rises Trilogy and Man of Steel, and comes to Starz on Friday, April 12, 2013 at 10PM ET/PT. The series stars Tom Riley (Return to House on Haunted Hill) as Leonardo Da Vinci, a man with a tenacious thirst for knowledge that tests the boundaries of imagination, religion, and science. This young man, tortured by genius, finds himself in the midst of a conflict brewing between the secular and the religious. He alone stands against the darkness. This new series has us very intrigued, so take a gander at our first impression of Da Vinci’s Demons

DaVinci's Demons 1x01 - The Hanged ManThe Genius, The Man, The Myth

At the heart of this new series is Leonardo Da Vinci. A man many think they already know thanks to his famous paintings, drawings, and advances in science. However, Da Vinci’s Demons gives us a look at the famous artist, mathematician, and musician before he became famous. In the series, Leonardo is still a young man trying to make his way in the world. The illegitimate son of a nobleman, Leonardo hopes to make a name for himself in Florence, Italy among the nobility. While the show reveals a lot of Da Vinci’s history that may not be well-known to the general viewing audience, this isn’t a historical documentary. The series deals with Da Vinci’s backstory in such a way that it will hold the interest of anyone who watches. Not just the history buffs. (More…)


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