What Are We Vigilante Killers Now?: Being Human Episode (3×13) Review – “Ruh Roh”

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Being Human US Season 3 Cast

This week signaled the end of Being Human’s third season, and what a ride it’s been! The tagline for this season was, “Be Careful What You Wish For,” and all the roommates had to learn that lesson the hard way. Aidan wanted to be free of the vampires, now finds himself the progenitor of a whole new breed thanks to him merging werewolf blood into his system, and teaching others to do the same. They thought they were creating a cure for the VIRUS, but have now unleashed a new threat. One that is beyond all reasoning, and doesn’t blend in with humans. This new breed could threaten the existence of all supernaturals everywhere if the words about them gets out. Sally wanted to be human again, but discovered nothing comes without a price. You can’t sell your soul to the devil witch, and think you’re going to get away without paying the piper. Josh just wanted to be human again, and live happily ever after with Nora. He may have gotten part of his wish, but now that he’s been cursed by an Original Werewolf he’s a bigger monster then he ever dreamed he’d be. “Ruh Roh” found all of our friends living with the consequences of trying to change their fates.

“You Live By the Sword, You Die By the Sword”: Being Human Episode (3×13) “Ruh Roh” – MVA Revealed

Being Human 3x13 - Ruh Roh 4The Best Laid Plans… When we last saw Josh and Nora, they were enjoying wedded bliss out in their cabin in the woods. Roaring fire, king size bed, champagne, and Liam. Wait…what? Yeah, the one-eyed OG Werewolf showed up even crazier then usual wanting to educate the newlyweds on what happens when vampire and werewolf blood collides. Let me tell you, it ain’t pretty. These things look like Nosferatu in its purest form. Of course, we can’t have that on such a pretty show, so off with their heads! That’s Liam’s mantra. When Josh and Nora decide not to subscribe to Liam’s ‘Vigilante Killer’ newsletter, the guy locks the pair in with a warehouse full of the newborn monsters to fend for their lives. I don’t think anyone truly believed Josh and Nora were goners, but this fight scene was pretty cool. (More…)


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