Arrow Episode (1×21) Review – “The Undertaking”

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For months we have heard Malcolm Merlyn, Moira Queen, and their cohorts talking about “The Undertaking.” Now that it’s finally here the Arrow has his work cut out for him. In this week’s episode, Oliver discovered he needs to trust his friends, and that he can’t do his job alone. It’s sad this realization came after he lost his two closest friends, but now that Ollie and Diggle have reunited, maybe Oliver’s luck is beginning to turn around.

Eating Crow: Arrow Episode (1×21) “The Undertaking” – MVA Revealed

The UndertakingOliver Queen has lost a lot in his life, but thankfully one of the people he’s lost has been recovered. Oliver’s step-dad, Walter, had been kidnapped by Malcolm because he was nosing around investigating Moira’s part in Robert Queen’s death. After chasing a lead to a local underground casino, Oliver was able to locate Walter and return him home. I loved how the show handled this story. Not only did we get to see Oliver and Felicity teaming up again, but Oliver has finally discovered that Moira isn’t the person he thought she was. (More…)


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