Arrow Episode (1×22) Review – “Darkness on the Edge of Town”

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Now that Oliver and Diggle are aware Moira is involved with Malcolm Merlyn’s schemes, the two decide to find out what The Undertaking really is, and just how much Moira knows. “Darkness on the Edge of Town,” was everything an episode leading into a season finale should be. Past issues were seemingly resolved, the hero makes choices that will set up the final episode of the season as well as set up storylines for the next season, and the hero has a major showdown with his arch nemesis. From the cloak and dagger scenes of Team Arrow invading the intranet of Merlyn Global to the final showdown that led to a major reveal for one of the characters, this Arrow episode had a little something for everyone.

Arrow Episode (1×22) “Darkness on the Edge of Town” – MVA Revealed

Darkness on the Edge of Town“My mom and my best friend’s dad are planning something innocuous for the city, and I’m pretty sure the word I’m not willing to use is ok.” Now that Oliver knows his mom is working with Malcolm Merlyn, Oliver and Diggle fake a kidnapping to learn what The Undertaking entails. Diggle playing the vigilante was a great twist that led to John working out a bit of his frustration on Ollie by “pulling his punches” during a beating. Moira’s tearful breakdown was also wonderful as it proved Moira really does care for her family, and is a woman forced into a situation seemingly beyond her control. Now that Oliver has learned the truth about his parents involvement in The Undertaking, Oliver’s perspective on them has changed. (More…)


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