Falling Skies’ Noah Wyle & Drew Roy Discuss Alien Allies, Family Dynamics, and More

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Falling Skies Stars Noah Wyle and Drew Roy Discuss Season 3

Falling-Skies-Season-3-Tom-300x200This past Wednesday we had the opportunity to speak to the cast of TNT’s epic alien invasion series, Falling Skies, about the upcoming 3rd season which premieres on Sunday, June 9th. When we last saw the survivors, they had just finished a major battle against the Skitters, and alien race that has invaded Earth, when a new species of alien had arrived. Series stars Noah Wyle (“Tom Mason”) and Drew Roy (“Hal Mason”) answered some of our burning questions of what viewers should expect to see when the 2-hour season 3 premiere airs.

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One of the things we wanted to know from the actors is what are the biggest challenges they face when filming this sci-fi drama. Noah Wyle replied:

“The biggest challenge for me was working in the first season, but like building a muscle: the more you work it, the better at it you get. The biggest challenge I find is not reacting to something that’s not there, it’s trying to have five actors in the same frame trying to react to something that’s not there in the same way, and still have it be specific to their character’s sense of fear, foreboding, whatever.” (More…)


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