Game of Thrones Episode (3×08) Review – “Second Sons”

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Game of Thrones Throws the Wedding of Every Bridezillas Nightmare

Game of Thrones 8th episode this season was a little slow, but it featured several characters who have sat mostly on the back-burner while the more “popular” characters were showcased. “Second Sons” will be known as the episode that featured Tyrion Lannister’s wedding to Sansa Stark, but it’s also the episode when we learned how to kill a White Walker. The title refers to the mercenaries Danaerys wanted to make the acquaintance of last week, but also can refer to the fact that second born sons often live in the shadows of their big brothers. Jon Snow always played second fiddle to his brother Robb. Not only was Robb born first, but he’s also Ned’s natural-born son. Jaime Lannister’s aura has always eclipsed his brother Tyrion. Jaime a tall, blond, hottie who can wield a sword like no other man who’s ever lived, while Tyrion is a dwarf who needs a footstool in order to stand next to his bride at the altar. “Second Sons” are all over Westeros, and some of them are even girls. Despite their usual diminished status, they all got the chance to shine this week.

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Game of Thrones 3x08 - Second Sons 5“A man who fights for gold can’t afford to lose to a girl.” Danaerys Targaryen is a “Second Son” in her own right. Her brother Viserys was supposed to sit upon the Iron Throne before Robert Baratheon usurped it from the Targaryns. When Dany arrived in Yunkai she discovered that it was just another slave state, and decided she wanted the Masters to release their slaves. This was met with opposition, and Dany decided to seek out the men the Masters were relying on to combat her army of Unsullied and dragons. This is how she met Mero aka “The Titan’s Bastard, Daario Naharis, and some other dude. These three men led the “Second Sons”, a group of  mercenaries who fight for the Yunkai Masters. (More…)


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