Falling Skies Episode (3×03) Review – “Badlands”

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Falling Skies Season 3 Title 3

The Only Good Alien Is a Dead Alien.

Falling Skies episode 303, “Badlands,” showed what can happen when the walls of trust get broken down. Since the birth of Alexis, Anne has feared her baby isn’t quite human. When Tom and Lourdes learn of Anne’s fear, the two believe Anne is suffering from Postpartum depression and that she shouldn’t be alone with the baby. While the audience knows Anne fears are warranted, Tom and Lourdes do not. Hal now knows he is under Karen’s control, and believes he’s the mole everyone is looking for. Determined to turn himself in for the greater good of the survivors, Hal prepares for whatever punishment he faces as a traitor. While Hal is certain his decision is the best for all involved, Maggie believes he’s not the mole, and that Hal is walking into certain death. Pope and his Berserkers have kept the lands around Charleston safe at the behest of Tom’s orders, but once Crazy Lee gets hurt during a sniper attack, Pope and his men lose faith in Tom’s ability to make decisions. As the 2nd Mass prepares for an impending Espheni attack, the bonds between the survivors begin to break down as the stress of a “normal” life begin to weigh heavily on them.

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Falling Skies 3x03 - Badlands“You’re going to make one hell of a thief one day kid.” The Mason children continue their new lives as active members of the resistance. As Hal attends physical therapy to be able to walk again, Ben and Matt are on the front lines. Even though the two youngest Mason men are waiting for trespassers, it’s Matt who ends up in the midst of battle when a sniper begins shooting at Pope and his Berserkers. In the middle of the fire fight, Crazy Lee gets shot at, and falls head first on an exposed piece of rebar. For the remainder of the episode, Pope and Matt wait her fate. This story was arguably the most interesting of the episode for two main reasons. One, is that it was interesting seeing Matt chase after his first crush, and kind of sad that it had to be on a woman Pope claims is “old enough to be his grandmother.” I don’t know about that, but I do know it was heartbreaking to watch the young man watch helplessly as his first crush dies from an internal bleed. Matt lost his mother 2 years ago, and doesn’t seem to have many friends his age. It was cool watching as Pope and his people befriended the boy. The second reason this part of the episode resonated so much with me was that we got the opportunity to see a softer side of Pope that’s rarely ever seen. Pope has always treated Crazy Lee the same as his other men, but when he saw she was truly injured and then later learned she would die, Pope did everything he could to comfort her in her final moments. Even going so far as to call Tom out for essentially abandoning the Berserkers on the outskirts of town, and rarely sending them any reinforcements. (More…)


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