Falling Skies’ Moon Bloodgood Discusses New Surprises Ahead in Season 3

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Falling Skies Moon Bloodgood Anne Glass 300x168 Falling Skies Moon Bloodgood Discusses New Surprises Ahead in Season 3Falling Skies’ Moon Bloodgood Reveals Tom & Annie Are in For a Major Surprise This Season

TV After Dark recently sat down with Falling Skies actress Moon Bloodgood to discuss the up-coming new season which airs with a 2-hour season 3 premiere on June 9th. Aside from Tom and Anne’s new addition, Bloodgood also discussed her own, and how her real life pregnancy affected production.

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Anne Glass is a doctor who’s been forced to work triage thanks to the alien invasion. With limited supplies, and often under fire, Anne has helped keep the 2nd Mass on their feet. One of the burning questions asked was how much Moon felt she was like her character. Moon said, “Anne is much more level-headed than I am. I’m more dramatic and fiery. We always play characters who are better than we are. Maybe that’s why we like being actors.” (More…)


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