Pretty Little Liars Episode (4×01) Review – “A Is For A-L-I-V-E”

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The Pretty Little Liars Are Warned: “The truth will set you free, bitches, and I’m going to bury you with it.” – xoxo “A”

Pretty Little Liars fourth season premiere breezed in more like a lamb than a lion, but it was still great to see the girls return. All of the Liars have the same problems as they did the last time we saw them. Arya still pines for Mr. Fitz, but has decided to let him go. Hanna is still worried about her mom going to prison for running over Wilden, and Caleb is still out-of-town. Emily is still frightened. Spencer has Toby back, but won’t be satisfied until she’s unmasked “A’s” identity for good. And all the girls are still lying. So…the usual. The only difference this time is they have Mona on their side. Not sure if this is such a good thing, or not. I guess that’s one of the mysteries we’ll have to unravel this season. That, and what the hell is Toby up to this time?

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Pretty Little Liars 4x01 - A Is For Alive“Do you all think I’d be sitting here if I didn’t think it was safe?” Now that “A” has turned on Mona, she’s decided to join the Liars to unravel the mystery of Red Coast. Unfortunately, the girls don’t trust her. I guess outing people’s secrets, setting them up to look bad, and messing with people’s minds isn’t the best way to win friends and influence people. Mona spent most of the episode trying to convince the girls she was on their side. From getting the girls breakfast to taking Hanna shopping, Mona did her best to prove she was now on Team Liars. I have to give Mona props. Considering all the things she has done, she did to a good job trying to endear herself. Speaking of which, let’s take a look at all the dirt Mona did do in “A’s” service: (More…)


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  1. When the show returns, Keegan said all of the girls are convinced that Red Coat is Alison. But is all what it seems? We wouldn’t start throwing in the towel just yet, PLL speculators! Keegan also said the theme of the entire fourth season is the struggle to determine what it real and what is fake. It isn’t over until the small blonde Liar sings!

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