Pretty Little Liars Episode (4×02) Review – “Turn of the Shoe”

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Have You Ever Danced With the Devil in the Pale Moonlight?

On this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Emily learned the dangers of swimming while intoxicated, Aria began a new student/teacher romance, Hanna suspects her mother killed Wilden, and Spencer discovered Toby’s secret. “Turn of the Shoe” was more of the same “A” hunt, but this week offered up a new twist. Could Toby Cavanaugh’s mother been murdered, and is her death somehow tied to “A”? As new clue arise, and old evidence disappears, the Liars discover the past may be different from what they’ve always remembered.

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Pretty Little Liars 4x02 - Turn of the Shoe 2“Don’t look so shocked, Hanna, they’re still some honest people in the world.” Hanna passive-aggressively confronted her mother with the cell phone Spencer and Mona discovered in Wilden’s casket, only to realize her mother may not be one of the honest people still left in the world. Later, Hanna finds her mother’s laundry from her recent trip to New York under the sink. Finding it strange that her mother would risk ruining her favorite Monolo’s by traipsing through mud, Hanna begins to believe her mother may have lied about leaving town, and is possibly Wilden’s murderer. This part of the episode was very interesting, but I have a feeling it won’t go anywhere. Mrs. Martin has a history of committing crimes and covering them up “for the greater good,” but this time reeks of a red herring. Out of everything the show focused on this week, this was the least interesting for me to watch. What was more interesting was the convenient bird Mrs. DiLaurentis was given by her mother-in-law that seemed to possess pertinent information about Alison’s death. If the bird was originally Alison’s grandmother’s, how does it know any clues to her death? (More…)


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