Falling Skies Episode (3×05) Review – “Search & Recover”

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Falling Skies Season 3 Title 3

“You’re a fake. You’e a phony. You’re a coward.”

This week’s Falling Skies was essentially the Tom Mason and John Pope hour, as the two men tried to make their way back to Charleston following the plane crash. Granted we did learn more about baby Alexis’ condition, and got to watch as Weaver lead a search team in search of Anne and her daughter, but the highlight of the episode was the new truths we learned about these two formidable men. “Search and Recover” was about searching for Anne & Alexis, and recovering Tom and Pope, but it was also about a lot more. It was about searching inside yourself and recovering the person you want to be. A lesson both Tom and Pope learned along the way. Now the question is, will they remember it tomorrow?

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Falling Skies 3x05 - Search & Recover 6“You are the King of Chaos, Mason. You know that? It follows you.” Last week, the plane crash looked very bad and did indeed claim one life, that of General Bressler. Luckily for our heroes, Tom and Pope survived the crash, but their endless conflict with each other nearly ended in tragedy. After the men walked away from the crash and the Skitters, they hunkered down for the night leading them to sharing some deeply personal stories with one another. Pope learned that Tom didn’t have the upper class upbringing he always thought. In fact, Tom was raised by an abusive alcoholic father who didn’t make it past the 7th grade. It was Tom’s determination to escape his impoverished conditions that allowed him to become a college professor. Tom, on the other hand, learned that Pope hadn’t seen his children since five years before the alien invasion due to his stint in prison for manslaughter. These truths caused the men to look at one another in a new light, but while Pope was willing to bury the hatchet, Tom wasn’t. This slight from Tom is what cause the two men to go toe-to-toe in a bare-knuckle brawl that nearly got them taken out by the band of Skitters who brought down their plane. (More…)


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