Falling Skies Episode (3×06) Review – “Be Silent and Come Out”

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Falling Skies Season 3 Title 3

Season 3 of Falling Skies Has Been a Non-Stop Action Thrill Ride

When we left off with Falling Skies, Tom and Pope suffered a plane crash after their meeting with the President of the United States. As usual the men butted heads along their way back home, but when Tom suffered an injury while evading a band of Skitters, the two came to terms. Whether or not their new understanding stops their rivalry remains to be seen, but I hope so. It’s starting to get old. Weaver led a team in search of Anne and Alexis, but came up empty. Marina discovered Alexis is half-alien, and that there is more than meets the eye in regards to the Volm weapon.

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Falling Skies 3x06 - Be Silent and Come Out“Weaver have you noticed, crazy is where I live right now. I have a half-alien daughter.” Now that Tom is back on his feet he’s been informed about Anne and Alexis’ disappearance, and Alexis medical situation. Not willing to let his girl and baby go, Tom is en route to search for them when he is taken hostage by Evil Hal. Luckily, Marina was informing Tom about Kadar’s theory about the Volm weapon when Hal attacked. She’s able to relay the situation to Maggie in time to stop Evil Hal from making away with Tom in the nick of time. (More…)


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