Pretty Little Liars Episode (4×01) “A Is For A-L-I-V-E” – MVA Revealed

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Janel Parrish 3Pretty Little Liars Actress Janel Parrish Mesmerizes Audience with Season 4 Premiere Performance.

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Pretty Little Liars Janel Parrish has always captivated audiences with her portrayal of scheming genius Mona Vanderwaal. In the season 4 premiere, Mona has now joined the Liars in their search for Red Coat’s identity, but Mona’s past misdeeds make it difficult to trust Mona’s motives. Parrish’s ability to make Mona seem genuine even in moments when she’s probably not is why she’s the Most Valuable Actor (MVAfor “A Is For A-L-I-V-E.” (More…)

Pretty Little Liars Episode 4×02, “Turn of the Shoe,” Airs June 18th at 8PM


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