Pretty Little Liars Episode (4×03) Cat’s Cradle – MVA Revealed

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Laura-Leighton-300x254Pretty Little Liars’ Laura Leighton Adds More Mystery to Fourth Season Drama

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In Pretty Little Liars episode 403, the girls continue to search for clues into Alison’s disappearance. Arya goes out on her first date with Jake, while Ella makes a major decision. Melissa Hastings returns to Rosewood just in time for Spencer and Toby to make a startling revelation. As the Liars make the acquaintance of a mask maker, they uncover one of Melissa’s secrets. While all the Liars may be scrambling to juggle both their personal lives and their detective work, Laura Leighton’s Ashley Marin has tried to stay one step ahead of her daughter Hanna. Leighton’s ability to straddle the line of good and bad has earned her this week’s Most Valuable Actor Award for “Cat’s Cradle.” (More…)

Pretty Little Liars Episode 4×04, “Face Time,” Airs June 30th at 8PM


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