Pretty Little Liars Episode (4×04) “Face Time” – MVA Revealed

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Shay Mitchell 2Pretty Little Liars’ Shay Mitchell Adds Realism to Teen Mystery Drama

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Out of all the Pretty Little Liars, Emily Fields has had the least amount of story. In fact, lately the only time we’ve seen her is with her girlfriend Paige or as one of the other Liars’ sidekick. This season seemed to be more of the same Emily filler, until now. Emily has suffered all season from her near-miss hit and run courtesy of “A” which resulted in her injuring her shoulder. To make matters worse, Emily tried to doctor herself and crashed head first into the side of the pool during a major swim meet. Now that all hope for a college scholarship seems to be lost Emily’s story is beginning to get really interesting. Thanks to Shay Mitchell’s portrayal of a young girl trying to plan her future while dealing with circumstances beyond her control, a filler story has now become just as intriguing as the hunt for Red Coat. While this show may not be the main story, Mitchell’s ability to bring the audience back to reality by reminding us these girls are teenagers that also have real teen problems is what makes her this week’s Most Valuable Actor. (More…)

Pretty Little Liars Episode 4×05, “Gamma Zeta Die,” Airs July 9th at 8PM

For most of the shows we cover, we find each episode has an actor that stands out more than the others – one who absolutely owned the episode. This vote isn’t about the other actors not delivering or being any less valuable, but as we mentioned, it’s about who stands out in the episode. It could be a combination of great writing, delivered lines, emotional execution; basically, if it gives us goosebumps or moves us in any way it’s getting a vote. We’ve found that, depending on the show, it’s a lot tougher to see who got our vote. This means that for every episode we, at TVAfterDark, will decide who gets our MVA vote. An actor can be voted several times within a season, but only ONE can be chosen in each episode. You can see our MVA’s here.


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