Pretty Little Liars Episode (4×04) Review – “Face Time”

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The Pretty Little Liars Discover There’s a Big Difference Between Falling and Being Pushed.

On this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, the girls discover there’s a bigger mystery surrounding Wilden’s death than who killed him. As they continue to search for Red Coat, the Liars all grapple with the fallout their lies have created in their own lives. Emily learns that her shoulder injury may be more serious than she previously thought. Not only that, but now Family Services is investigating her parents for possible child abuse. Spencer is still helping Toby investigate his mother’s death, while she investigated whether or not Melissa may have killed Detective Wilden. Aria is trying to move on from Ezra by starting something new with Jake, but her past keeps catching up to her. Though Aria, Spencer, and Emily are all dealing with the typical teenage problems of family, college, and romance, Hanna finds herself in the cross-hairs of the two new detectives investigating Wilden’s murder when she tries to steer the investigation away from her mother.

REVEALED | Pretty Little Liars Episode (4×04) “Face Time” – MVA Revealed

Pretty Little Liars 4x04 - Face Time 7“There are too many good people being crushed by the heaviness of air.” Thanks to Google, Spencer is able to track down Mrs, Cavanaugh’s doctor, Louis Palmer, who now lives at an institution in Saratoga, New York. Leaving Spencer behind to spy on Melissa, Toby heads to New York to ask Dr. Palmer about his mother’s “suicide.” At first the doctor seems full of useful information, but after a while Toby begins to realize the doctor doesn’t work at the institution, but is a patient. One thing the doctor does spill is that a blonde girl visited Mrs. Cavanaugh at Radley a lot before she died, and Palmer thought something about the girl was off. Could the girl have been Alison, or was it someone else? Who knows? Palmer’s moment of lucidity ended as fast as it came, and Toby ended up leaving with more questions than when he arrived. (More…)


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