Breaking Bad Episode (5×09) Review – “Blood Money”

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Breaking Bad Reminds Viewers Why They’ll Miss This Series

AMC’s Breaking Bad has finally returned with the final eight episodes of the series. The past year has been a long one if you’ve awaited the conclusion of this groundbreaking series, but the wait is finally over. This series tends to have a high body count, and with you can bet many of the characters we have come to love over the past five seasons won’t make it to the end. It doesn’t help that the flashforwards make Walter’s life appear very bleak and solitary. What happened to his family and friends is a question I’m sure will be solved before everything’s said and done.

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Breaking Bad 5x09 - Blood Money 2Hello Carol…The episode kicks off with present day Walt visiting his home. Abandoned, the home has fallen into disrepair, and teens now skate in the pool out back. Walter isn’t there for nostalgia’s sake. He’s there to reclaim the tube of ricin he stored inside the bedroom outlet. As he leaves, the neighbor is out front unloading her groceries, and nearly has a heart attack when Walt greets her. Though hilarious, the moment doesn’t keep me from wondering what or who Walter plans to use the ricin on. (More…)


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