Breaking Bad Episode (5×10) Review – “Buried”

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Breaking Bad Delivers The Goods In “Buried”

Last week on Breaking Bad, Hank realized Walter was Heisenberg, the drug dealer he as been hunting for years. After connecting the dots that have stood him in the face all the time, Hank decided to track Walter so he could catch him in the act and put him away once and for all. The catch? Walter found it, causing the two men to have the confrontation audiences have waited for years to see. Meanwhile, Jesse began to self-destruct over the knowledge Walter lied about killing Mike. What else has Walter lied about?

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Breaking Bad 5x10 - BuriedLies & Misdemeanors… After their confrontation, Hank contacts Skylar about giving her confession about what she knows about Walter’s criminal activities. Skylar doesn’t want to confess her own part in Walt’s operation, but tries her best to skate around Hank’s peer pressure. When she realizes she’s not under arrest, Skylar pulls out of Hank’s grasp and runs off. This scene was great! Watching a clueless Hank try to convince a culpable Skylar to turn against Walter was like watching a great tennis match. Anna Gunn and Dean Norris just kept hitting the ball over the net, and I was on pins and needles wondering who would be the one to let it drop. While the actors didn’t, Hank sure did. Meanwhile, Walter tries to reach Skylar before Hank does, but gets to the car wash too late. Later he pays Saul a visit to fill him in on the recent turn of events. Saul must be out of ideas, because his main advice is to send Hank to “Belize” to hang out with Mike. Fearing Skylar has decided to turn State’s evidence (or Federal?) against him, Walter gets his money transported from the storage into chemical barrels so he can bury it in the New Mexico desert. This would be an ingenious idea, but bad luck tends to follow Walter. (More…)


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