Pretty Little Liars Episode (4×11) Review – “Bring Down the Hoe”

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On Pretty Little Liars,”Bring Down the Hoe,” The Liars Prepare For War

This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars was the penultimate episode before the summer finale next Tuesday. The Liars attend Rosewood Day’s school dance which has a country western theme, and try to find out where CeCe Drake is hiding. Also on the agenda is checking out the crAwl space at the DiLaurentis home. Meanwhile, Toby continued to be manipulated by “A”,  and Ezra continued to struggle with Maggie’s devastating news. This episode wasn’t as jaw-dropping as previous penultimate episodes, but it did manage to offer its far share of interesting moments.

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SHAY MITCHELL, LUCY HALEI See You… Following the discovery last week of the peep home in Mrs. DiLaurentis’ basement Emily, Aria, and Spencer returned to the scene of “A’s,” Red Coat’s, CeCe’s hideout. Based on all the food wrappers lying around it’s clear that whoever was using it had lived there for quite some time. As the girls investigated, someone in the “A-Team” tried to poke Aria’s eye out with a piece of re-bar. The girls believe the culprit was CeCe, but I couldn’t see a face. They’ve been so adamant about CeCe’s involvement that it’s possibly blinding them to other possible attackers. That’s what I thought as I watched the scene, however I later learned I was dead wrong. CeCe is involved as the girls suspected. (More…)


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