Breaking Bad Episode (5×13) Review – “To’hajiilee”

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AMC’s Breaking Bad Gears Up to Go Out in a Blaze of Glory in “To’hajiilee”

Each episode of Breaking Bad seems more bananas than the last. All season long Walter and Jesse have been in a battle of wills (and wits). Usually you would assume Walter would be the one to win the match because he was a high school chemistry teacher that has become a drug kingpin, but Jesse has decided to smarten up. In the past Jesse has been a loser druggie that happened into a ton of cash because he was able to help his former teacher navigate the drug dealing waters. Whenever these two partners have had battle in the past, Walter was the one doing the manipulating. Not any more. Little Jesse Pinkman is all grown up, and can do a little bit of manipulating of his own. This week’s episode, “To’hajiilee,” proved that Jesse is no longer Walter’s sucker when the younger man managed to con Walt into thinking he was burning his retirement fund so he could manipulate a confession out of Walter for Hank.

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Breaking Bad 5x13 - To'hajiilee 8Jesse has been on a tear ever since the show came back from hiatus, and we’ve watch Walter chase him around town trying to explain why he’s repeatedly lied, manipulated, and all around f*cked Jesse’s life up since they’ve been involved. Basically, Jesse wasn’t having it any more. Figuring out Walter had poisoned Brock in order to keep Jesse in the business was the last straw. In “Rabid Dog” Jesse agreed to meet with Walter so the elder could explain why he did what he did, but instead Jesse threatened to do more than burn down Walter’s house. What could Jesse possibly mean? In the past all of Jesse’s plans have gone awry leaving us with the impression of him as a screw up and Walter as the planner. Last week it was different. After listening to Hank berate him for messing up their sting, Jesse told the cop to relax. He’s got the perfect way to ensnare Walter. Hook, line and sinker. This week was the payoff of Jesse’s plans. (More…)


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