Breaking Bad Episode (5×13) “To’hajiilee” – MVA Revealed

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Breaking-Bad-Bryan-Cranston-300x258Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston’s Brings Subtly to “To’hajiilee’s” Climax

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Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston’s furious search for Jesse came to a head this week in episode 513 “To’hajiilee” when he orchestrated a hit gone awry. For the past several episodes we’ve watched as Walter White tried to reconcile with his ex-partner Jesse Pinkman, and save himself from prosecution. In “Rabid Dog,” both Saul and Skylar suggested to Walt that he put Jesse down, but Walter has tried to find an alternative solution. That all changed when Jesse stood Walter up for a meeting and then proceeded to call and threaten him. Now that Hank is on his case, the last thing Walter needs is for a loose cannon like Jesse to do is blow apart his life and give the DEA the ammunition they need to put Walter behind bars for life. Bryan Cranston’s portrayal of Walter White over the past five seasons has been mind-blowing to watch, but it was his subtle performance this week of a man grasping to maintain control over his life in the wake of the realization that he may not be able to maintain all current relationships if he’s to evade prosecution that makes Cranston this week’s Most Valuable Actor. (More…)


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