Breaking Bad Episode (5×14) “Ozymandias” – MVA Revealed

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Breaking Bad 5x14 - Ozymandias 3

Walter White’s Decline as Leader Continues With Devastating Consequences in This Week’s Episode of Breaking Bad

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On episode 5×14 of AMC’s Breaking Bad, Walter White lost the remainder of the few things he had left. Not only did Walter watch as Jack killed an unarmed Hank, but he also lost $70 million in the bargain. Walter also lost the family he’s worked so hard to keep when Walter Jr. learned of his father’s real source of income, and Skylar called the police following Walter’s kidnapping of Holly. Bryan Cranston has always turned out great performances, but it was his fervent plea to save Hank’s life that has earned him this week’s Most Valuable Actor Award for “Ozymandias.” (more…)

“Hank, nothing can change what just happened, but you can walk out of here alive if you just promise us you’ll let us go.”


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