Daily Prompt: What a Twist!

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Daily Prompt: What a Twist!

Tell us a story — fiction or non-fiction — with a twist we can’t see coming.

mazeOnce upon a time there lived a young girl named Alice.She was a sweet girl, but she also was a lonely girl. One day, Alice discovered her parents were in a terrible car crash and died. Now and orphan, Alice went to live with her uncle Theodore at his big house along the bay. Alice always loved visiting Theodore’s manor on Black Rock Bay, but only if she knew he was going to be busy with appointments. Uncle Theodore was a lawyer and always seemed to have to leave home to tend to his clients. She never knew why, but Alice always felt there was something off about her uncle. No matter how hard she tried, though, Alice could never quite figure it out. As for the manor itself, it was a huge place with lavish gardens and a labyrinth in the middle. There was tons of food in the pantry, and the manor had many secret passages that Alice would spend hours trying to explore.

About a month after Alice came to live with her uncle there was a great rain storm, and Theodore had been gone on one of his business trips. This left Alice all alone in the manor (accept for the servants, of course) and the only person Alice had to play with was her governess’ son Robert. Since it was raining the two children couldn’t go outside to play, so they decided to play hide and seek in the manor. It was during this game that Alice decided to use one of the secret passages to hide. Even though Robert had lived in the manor all of his life, the mere fact he never talked about the passages to Alice made her believe he didn’t know anything about them. Well… almost nothing. In the month Alice had lived there she managed to show him at least two of them. This is why Alice thought using one of the passages to hide was a great idea. Unlike Alice, Robert didn’t know the passages very well, and Alice would be able to scare him. Robert turned towards Alice’s bedroom wall to count to 100, while Alice ran to hide. Once she was far out of Robert’s hearing, Alice crept into the secret passage that was hidden behind her Uncle Theodore’s huge portrait in the conservatory, and proceeded to creep along the passage looking for the dark space that hid a secret spy hole.

aldouriecastleBefore I go on, let me tell you a bit about the these passages Alice believes to be an authority on. The manor was built in 1680 by Alice’s family who had made their fortune in England as war profiteers during the First English Civil War. After the war ended in 1646, the family moved to the colonies to see if they could enlarge their fortune in the New World. Alice’s ancestor Byron met a young woman soon after he arrived in Massachusetts, and the two were quickly married. What Byron didn’t know at the time was his wife, Helena, was a witch who sought to obtain great power. Byron built the manor, and added the secret passages at her request. Helena needed these, you see, so she could secretly dispose of the sacrifices she made to the devil without the watchful eyes of her husband and servants. Despite the supposed secrecy, rumors began to spread that Helena was a witch, and the manor was hunted by the ghosts of her victims. It was through these supposedly hunted halls Alice was now lurking.

4600302071After counting to 100, Robert began to seek Alice. He checked all of her favorite hiding places. Behind the tapestry in the Great Hall, the kitchen pantry, and even under her uncle’s desk. When Robert couldn’t find her, he almost gave up, and then he remembered Alice loved exploring the secret passages. Meanwhile, Alice hid in her secret place in the passage waiting for Robert to discover her when she began to hear a man’s voice. She didn’t know exactly what it was saying, but it gradually began to come closer…. and closer… At first Alice believed it was Robert’s voice echoing off the passage’s walls, but then she began to realize the voice didn’t sound like a boy of 12, but like a grown man. Knowing no one was at home at the moment besides the servants (who wouldn’t dare come in the passages), Robert and herself, Alice began to worry. Then her worry turned into fear. As the voice grew closer, Alice’s worry began to grow into sheer terror. Frightened to remain in her hiding place much longer for fear of one of the manor’s ghosts getting her, Alice ran out of her hiding place and down the passageway towards the entrance she used to get in. No matter how fast she ran, though, it seemed to Alice that the voices ran even faster. Alice was so blinded by fear that she didn’t see where she was headed. If she had, she might have noticed the shape that loomed in front of her. But she didn’t. Alice ran smack dab into it and felt hands grip her shoulders. So frightened she was by the ghost’s attack, Alice screamed so hard and loud that she felt her heart burst with hear. Her screams were so loud that all the servants ran towards her voice into the passage, but being dark they couldn’t make her out. Finally, Robert appeared with a lantern. Everyone stood over Alice’s body and watched as the light of life went out of her eyes. Robert raised the lantern higher to see what it was the frightened Alice to death.




The light of the lantern fell on a 6 foot tall, stuffed bear. Alice was so frightened that she lost her way in the passages and accidentally walked through one of the secret doors. One that led into her uncle’s dark den that held all of his hunting trophies.


LOL, that’s my story. I didn’t plan it out, and just wrote without knowing where I’d end up. Were you surprised by the ending as much as I was?


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