Sleepy Hollow Episode (1×02) Review – “Blood Moon”

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FOX’s Sleepy Hollow Continues to Thrill

Last week classic literary character Ichabod Crane rose from the dead and gave FOX Television the most watched premiere in seven years. This week on Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod and Abbie battled an 18th century witch who was raised from the dead to help the dark forces in town bring about the apocalypse. While Abbie and Ichabod investigated the best way to handle their newest supernatural foe, the two began to learn more about one another.

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Before the Horseman Rides Again…

Ichabod wakes in the night from a startling vision Katrina gives him to warn Ichabod about the resurrection of an 18th century witch bent of revenge, and that she is needed to help usher in the end of days. A rational man, Ichabod would normally scoff at the idea of receiving visions, but the evidence he and Abbie uncover cause him to change his mind. The rules in this episode seem in keeping with what we learned the last week in the “Pilot.” Like the Horseman, the witch (Zerelda of Abaddon) needs to become complete before she can do any real damage. In Zerelda’s case she needs to restore the flesh and be reunited with her bones. This spell is something Zerelda is familiar with as she chants upon the altar she’s to be burned upon, “By the turn of the blood moon the ashes of your ancestors will be mine. Your flesh will be my flesh. I will live again.” The special effects used for Zerelda were very good, and her burnt look made the scary scenes even scarier than they might have been otherwise. (More…)


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