American Horror Story: Coven Episode (3×01) Review – “Bitchcraft”

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American Horror Story Generic Title Card American Horror Story: Coven Episode (3×01) Review – “Bitchcraft”

American Horror Story: Coven’s Adds to The Horror and the Fun by Using Real Historical Witches

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Each season Ryan Murphy and Co. dig up true crimes and bizarre historical figures, and use them as the inspiration for American Horror Story. In season one they told ghost stories and in season 2 they focused on scientific experimentation, aliens, and demons. This season they’ve decided to focus on witchcraft. We were introduced to a bevy of new characters living at Ms. Robicheaud’s Academy for Exceptional Ladies, which is really a school for witchcraft. Zoe Benson is a new arrival to this world and it’s through her we are introduced to the assortment of interesting women and stories. At the heart of the new season are two famous historical witches – Madam Laveau and Madam LaLaurie. The writers weave in past stories of famous/infamous New Orleans’ witches in with fictitious ones in a way that makes it more palatable to digest the terrifying things these real life women had done in their day. (More…)


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