Betrayal Episode 1×02 Review “…Except When a Bear is Chasing You”

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Betrayal Review 775x435 Betrayal Episode 1×02 Review “…Except When a Bear is Chasing You”

ABC’s Betrayal Kicked the Murder Mystery Into High Gear This Week

ABC’s Betrayal focused more on the secondary storyline of the murder mystery this week, and I liked it! While Sara and Jack tried to resist their attraction we got treated to steamy flashbacks of their encounter in the “Pilot” episode last week. As the two lovers spent time reminiscing about their tryst, Sara’s husband began building a case against T.J. Karsten for the murder of his uncle. Watching Jack and Drew go at each other’s throats was the highlight of the episode. Seconded only by watching Thatcher threatening his sister-in-law at her husband’s wake.

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The ABC’s of DNA… In the last episode we saw Uncle Whosit get murdered by someone. It appeared to be T.J. Karsten, Thatcher Karsten’s mentally disabled son, after we saw him and his uncle arguing outside a restaurant. T.J. maintains he and his uncle fought, but that he was alive when T.J. left him. This week we learn that though the police have found the gun that was used to kill Uncle What’s His Name, T.J.’s DNA wasn’t found at the crime scene. When I originally saw the pilot I thought this murder case would prove to be the show’s weakest link since we didn’t get the chance to really know (or care) about the uncle before he was murdered. Boy, was I wrong! As more information comes out about the Karsten’s it’s becoming clear that Thatcher rose to the top via crime, and that Drew has a valid reason for wanting to bring the man and his empire down. Watching Drew and Jack argue over the case and by extension T.J.’s innocence was intriguing due to the fact that Drew is becoming just as obsessed with Jack McAllister as his wife. The more Sara gets drawn into her liaison with Jack, the higher the stakes will become. (More…)


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