Betrayal Episode (1×04) Review – “…That’s Not What Ships Are Built For”

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Betrayal Review Betrayal Episode (1×04) Review – ...Thats Not What Ships Are Built For

ABC’s Betrayal this time around is way more believable in “…That’s Not What Ships Are Built For”

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Last nights episode of Betrayal with the most cohesive episode to date. Not only did The series return to showcasing Sarah and Jack’s relationship but this time around it was a way more believable than it has been thus far. On the legal front, Drew tried to find evidence against Thatcher Karsten that he used to put the tycoon away behind bars. Having put Jack and Sara’s illicit relationship on hold for a few episodes has allowed the series to merge the two stories into one compelling mystery, and added more depth to the characters.

“Listen Drew, there’s a lot of ways to get lost in the city. Make sure you got a map.”

Betrayal 1x04 ...That Is Not What Ships Are Built For 7 300x199 Betrayal Episode (1×04) Review – ...Thats Not What Ships Are Built ForThis week TJ Karsten was released on bail, after the State’s evidence against TJ proved to be too light to hold him any longer. TJ’s release was thanks in part to both Thatcher Karsten sleeping with the judge in what appears to be an ongoing affair, and Jack McAllister buying her off by getting the judges son enrolled in the University of Michigan’s Law School. TJ did not let his time moment of freedom go to waste. Apparently while he was in jail, TJ made friends with his cell mate, and offered to deliver a message to his brother once TJ got out. This storyline is really becoming intriguing. Not only did TJ make acquaintance of some people who are apparently involved in criminal activity, but his new friend found a gun in TJ’s car that I believe was involved in uncle Lou’s murder. TJ maybe out of one mess but it looks like he has found himself in another. (More…)


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