Betrayal Episode (1×05) Review – “…Nice Photos”

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Betrayal Review Betrayal Episode (1×05) Review – ...Nice Photos

ABC’s Betrayal Is Exposed When Drew Discovers Sara’s Affair

ABC’s Betrayal really heated up this Sunday with “… Nice Photos.” In the episode Drew attempted to find a way to bring the Karstens down, just as Jack discovered the wiretap. Meanwhile TJ try to assert his independence and Sara and Jack’s liaison got discovered. Betrayal got off on a rocky start, but is quickly becoming more and more engaging on a weekly basis. As the two main story-lines begin to converge the stakes keep rising and the tension builds.

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Grease Lightning… “… Nice Photos,” focused more on Jack and Sara’s relationship and how it’s beginning to complicate other aspects of their lives, however, we did get to see what TJ has been up to while everyone else in his family is running around dealing with the State Prosecutor. TJ has been trying to assert his independence from his father Thatcher by working at his new friend’s auto-body shop. However Thatcher is not very keen on TJ working such a menial job, and worries he is being taken advantage of. What TJ doesn’t know is that his new friend discovered what appear to be the gun in the shop uncle Lou had hidden in the hood of the trunk of his car, and had taken it from him. It’s not really clear yet if the guy was planning on blackmailing TJ or just wanted to have the gun to use in the crime his brother replayed to him through TJ. What we do know is that his partner in crime ended up stealing the gun from his locked desk drawer, and probably going to carry out the crime we were asked to do. It will be interesting to see how this ends up coming back to bite TJ in his ass. (More…)


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