Breaking Bad Episode (5×16) “Felina” – MVA Revealed

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Breaking Bad Season 4 Bryan Cranston Banner  Breaking Bad Episode (5×16) “Felina”  – MVA Revealed

Breaking Bad’s Walter White is Finally Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

It’s been five long years, but this week AMC’s Breaking Bad said farewell. The series had one of the best cast in television, and each one has given a fantastic performance over the past five seasons. While there are many actors on the show who have worked their butts off to give viewers a great episode each season, the series finale belonged to Bryan Cranston. His performance of a man with nothing left to lose who finally pays the piper has earned him the Most Valuable Actor Award for “Felina.”

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Let’s Make a Deal… When the episode began, Walter had just arrived at the Schwartz home. It at first appeared he was going to murder them, but instead gave them the $11 million he had left so they could put it in trust for his children. Of course these are the same people who stole a company out from under him, so Walter made some moves to insure they didn’t renege on the deal. Watching how menacing Bryan Cranston portrayed the scene when Walter first arrived and was looking through Elliot and Gretchen’s photos while they were talking a few feet away was creepy at its best. His whole demeanor radiated violence, so I was surprised when it turned out that wasn’t why he had come. (More…)


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