Breaking Bad Episode (5×16) Review – “Felina”

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  Breaking Bad Episode (5×16) Review – “Felina”

Breaking Bad Says Good-Bye to Walter White in  a Jaw-Dropping Finale

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For the past five seasons Breaking Bad has explored morality. Is it ok that an out of work high school chemistry teacher manufactures and sells meth, because he wants to leave money to his family after he dies of cancer? We’ve watched Walter White transform from mild-mannered teacher into a murderous drug kingpin. Along the way he took a former student (Jesse) under his wing, ruined the man’s life, and tried to kill Jesse when the kid wanted out. Walter has threatened and manipulated those he claimed to love, double-crossed his business partners, killed friends, and lost a fortune. Even though Walter has done some very, very bad things, he still was an anti-hero worth rooting for. A man who felt powerless in his life who seized power for himself. A man who others tread upon that turned into someone who could claim to be “The One Who Knocks.” (More…)


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