First Impression Review Of ABC’s New Series “Betrayal”

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Betrayal Title Card First Impression Review Of ABC’s New Series “Betrayal”

“They’re married to other people. Nothing is more dangerous than betrayal.”

ABC’s new drama Betrayal is reminiscent of another one of their popular television series, Revenge, in that the audience is witness to what appears to be an attempted murder of one of the main cast members in the first few minutes of the premiere episode. How and why this character was attacked will undoubtedly be a wrap around story that viewers will have to wait until the season finale to discover the identity of the shooter. In the midst of this mystery is an affair that blooms between photographer Sara Hadley (Hannah Ware) and attorney Jack McAllister (Stuart Townsend). As the two embark on their new romance, the lovers find themselves in an impossible situation – on opposite sides of a murder investigation. We were certainly intrigued, so check out our first impression of Betrayal

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Betrayal 1x01 Pilot 2 300x199 First Impression Review Of ABC’s New Series “Betrayal”Intriguing Murder Mystery

Aside from the attempted murder of one of the main cast in a season long story arc, there is another murder mystery at the heart of this new show. Both Sara and Jack are married to other people, which is what makes their affair so forbidden. While Sara works as a photographer, Jack is an attorney for his father-in law Thatcher Karsten’s (James Cromwell) company. When Karsten’s brother-in-law Lou is murdered, all evidence points to Karsten’s son T.J. (Henry Thomas). As the lead counsel Jack will have to defend him against Sara’s prosecutor husband, Drew (Chris Johnson). This aspect of the show was interesting, but I kind of wished the pilot focused more on the Karsten’s character development and then kicked off the murder mystery in the second episode since they already established another crime in the opening scene. I didn’t quite feel I knew T.J. enough to care if he was guilty of murder or not in this pilot episode. (More…)


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