Sleepy Hollow Episode (1×03) Review – “For the Triumph of Evil”

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Sleepy Hollow’s Sandman Was Perfect Monster of the Week

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For the past several weeks, Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane have tried to unravel the mystery that is Sleepy Hollow. This week, the mystery they had to unravel was Abbie Mills. As a child, Abbie and her sister Jenny stumbled upon the Demon in the Woods. While Abbie lied and claimed never to have seen the creature, her sister Jenny told the ruth and has paid the consequences of that her entire life. For what ever reason the girls were without a family and put into the foster care system. Not wanting to lose the good family they finally found themselves with, Abbie lied so she could continue to have a good life. In the years since the incident, Abbie has tried to keep up the charade so she can be looked at as “normal,” while Jenny has been in and out of institutions. Now that Abbie has been forced to face the truth of what she saw all those years ago, she tried to reunite with her sister, thanks to Ichabod’s meddling, and found Jenny had flown the coop. “For the Triumph of Evil…” was a fun episode that finally gave viewers some insight into who Abbie Mills is, and introduced Jenny Mills as a possible ally for Abbie and Ichabod in the war to come. (More…)


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