Sleepy Hollow Episode (1×05) Review – “John Doe”

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Sleepy Hollow Review Sleepy Hollow Episode (1×05) Review – “John Doe”

Sleepy Hollow Leaves Viewers Guessing Before Three Week Hiatus

As usual, on tonight’s episode of Sleepy Hollow we learned a few answers to some of our previously burning questions, and we watched as Ichabod and Abbie tackled a new problem Moloch gift wrapped for the Dynamic Duo to keep them busy while the apocalypse looms closer. As much as I enjoyed watching Ichabod translate Middle English for us modern era folk, I have to admit that this wasn’t the riveting episode one would expect leading into a three-week hiatus.

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“You and I have very different definitions of old. If a building remains upright for more than a decade, then you think it should be declared a national monument.” Now that Jenny is gone, for now, Ichabod has decided to move into Sheriff Corbin’s cabin in the woods. The place will allow him to investigate the case and is more private than the motel Abby set him up in originally. I think this idea will be a great lair for Ichabod and Abbie’s pow-pow than the basement of the police station which has randoms barging in at any given moment. Aside from Icky’s new digs, the man has finally realized that he’d fit in a lot easier if he shed the Revolutionary War era clothing. Personally, I like his look and hope Ichabod doesn’t conform, but I’m glad this topic has finally come up. Later on in the episode the pair return to their basement hideaway, but I have a feeling the cabin will come in handy later on when Morales’ snooping into Ichabod’s past leads him straight to their batcave. (More…)


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