THE BLACKLIST Episode (1×03) Review – “Wujing”

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The Blacklist Title Card Large THE BLACKLIST Episode (1×03) Review – “Wujing”

The Blacklist Keeps Viewers on the Edge of Their Seats For Another Week With “Wujing”

Each week it seems The Blacklist gets better and better. In episode 103, “Wujing,” Red and Liz go after a spy assassin who Red claims hired him to decipher CIA codes. Red has previously told Liz (and us) that he’s not to be trusted because he’s a criminal, so I took this story with a grain of salt. Thanks to Henry Cho, the FBI were able to get the intel they needed from Wujing’s operation and apprehend the spy. As Red and Liz went undercover on another case, Liz attempted to finagle the truth about her past from Red in exchange for her help, and began her own investigation into her husband.

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I Promise to Tell the Truth and Nothing But the Truth… From the very beginning Red has insinuated that he holds the keys to the mysteries of Liz’s life, and Liz has finally decided to leverage Red’s interest in being near her to get to the bottom of her mysterious history. I thought Liz bargaining with Red fit totally into what we currently know of her character and was a very smart idea. Liz obviously realize that Red will go to great lengths to spend time with her. For what purpose remains unclear, but Liz finally capitalizing on this weak spot in Red’s armor was a stroke of genius. Unfortunately, it hasn’t panned out yet. Red acquiesced and agreed to reveal some information at the end of their sting, but the only thing he admitted was that he knew her father, and how/what he knows is complicated. I’m still in the belief he’s her father, and that this statement is referring to Red knowing the man he used to be, but that it will be hard for Liz to reconcile the two versions of Red once she knows the truth. As for what Liz believes Red means, I have no clue, but she appeared confused by his statement. (More…)


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