American Horror Story: Coven Episode (3×02) Review – “Boy Parts”

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American Horror Story Generic Title Card American Horror Story: Coven Episode (3×02) Review – “Body Parts”

American Horror Story Brings Their Version of Frankenstein’s Monster to Television in Time For Halloween

FX’s American Horror Story always manages to surprise week after week, and this week was no exception. When EP Ryan Murphy announced this summer that Evan Peters would be returning for a third year in a row, fangirls everywhere rejoiced. When his frat boy character got killed in a bus “accident” in the season 3 premiere jaws dropped. Many wondered why the show would waste his talent for a few scenes and were disappointed they wouldn’t see more of him in weeks to come. Of course all of that spun on a dime when the episode 302 promo aired showing Peters’ return as a Frankenstein Monster. Reanimated corpses of all kinds seem to be a theme this season and I love it! The show may be capitalizing on The Walking Dead’s success, but they’re doing it in a way that is different enough to make it seem new and fresh. Boy Parts” didn’t just show the revival of Even Peters but also of Lily Rabe’s necromancer. I should’ve known a witch with the ability to raise the dead wouldn’t stay dead. The second episode offered more thrills, chills and witty dialogue, but also managed to converge all the various stories.

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“Bitch, I will eat you!” Emma Roberts continued to make friends and influence people as actress Madison Montgomery. When she wasn’t insulting Queenie about how she came to be a member of their coven, Madison was dragging Zoe to the morgue to help her build “the perfect boyfriend.” At first things didn’t appear to be going to plan. The girls selected the most primo body parts for their new man, performed the black magic that sold their souls to the devil, and yet Evan still laid dead. Side note: If I wasn’t so excited last week for the show’s return, I might have noticed Evan Peters’ character didn’t have a name and realized he was going to die. Wonder if he’ll ever get one… Anywho, when the plan failed Madison ditched Zoe at the  morgue, and the monster finally rose up and killed the morgue attendant newly returned to work. This whole monster mash business was way gross, and at one point I even thought Zoe was about to have sex with the corpse to see if her Final Destination Vagina had a reverse button. Peters’ moaning was hilarious, because Zoe appeared to actually believe that sewing a head on a body would actually render the vocal cords useful. (More…)


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