American Horror Story: Coven Episode (3×03) Review – “The Replacements”

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American Horror Story Coven Initiation Poster 775x481 American Horror Story: Coven Episode (3×03) Review – “The Replacements”

American Horror Story Brings Their Version of Frankenstein’s Monster to Television in Time For Halloween

This week American Horror Story was back with an all new episode. In episode 303 titled “the replacements,” we learned about the previous Supreme, Anna Lee, found out the results of Cordelia’s black mass pregnancy ritual and finally discovered Evan Peters’ character’s name.”The replacements” was another crazy episode, but this time filled with incest and bestiality. While I watched the episode on the edge of my seat I have to admit that this has to be the grossest episode of American Horror Story to date.

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“You are a selfish, craven, little child Fiona and I will see to it myself that you never take the throne.” In this episode we learned some of Fiona’s backstory. When Fionna was a student at the school for witchcraft, her supreme was Anna Lee. Through this flashback we learned what happens when a witch ascends to this throne of supreme. Usually the which slowly begins to possess all of the witch powers and when she does the previous Supreme’s life force begins to drain out of her and she begins to die allowing the younger witch to possess her powers and become the strongest. That’s what usually happens and when it happened to Fiona she decided to speed the process along by slitting Anna Lee’s throat. I love this bit of foreshadowing to the episode’s conclusion when we see Madison is going to be the new supreme. At first I didn’t think the show would kill off Emma Roberts but then I remembered what show I was watching. I understand why Fiona do what she did. Fiona was dying of cancer from her life force being drained and didn’t want to die, so she performed a desperate act. However, since she has done something like this before maybe her motives were more selfish. In the flashback we saw what happens when a rising Supreme takes the power of her predecessor. Now I’m curious to see what the results will be for a declining Supreme stilling the rising Supreme’s power. Will the results be the same, or will there be consequences Fiona hasn’t accounted for? My guess is that Fiona will have some serious consequences to pay. (More…)


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