American Horror Story Episode (3×06) Review – “The Axeman Cometh”

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American Horror Story Coven Initiation Poster American Horror Story Episode (3x06) Review   The Axeman Cometh

American Horror Story: Coven Introduced a Fun New Serial Killer to Merge All the Storylines

This week’s episode of American Horror Story: Coven takes us on a trip back to the Roaring 20′s when Flappers, speakeasies, and jazz ruled the nights. New Orleans was just as bumping as everywhere else, but the Big Easy also had the misfortune to be the place where the “Axeman” roamed the streets slaying anyone who hated jazz. Through flashbacks we discover how the serial killer played by guest star Danny Huston (Magic City) was murdered by the 1919 coven. In the present, the Axeman’s ghost is freed and once again free to prowl the streets of New Orleans. This was a fun episode that allowed all the characters to take part, and finally managed to merge the various witch storylines together into a more cohesive plot.

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“If survival is so important to you, you better find out who you’re talking to.” Madison is still “missing,” and the young witches Zoe, Queenie, and Nan are worried beyond belief for their sister’s well being. The three decided to use a spirit board Zoe found in one of the unused rooms to try to speak to Madison’s spirit, and end up making contact with the resident serial killer. The Axeman was killed by a previous coven when he came to murder them back in 1919 for refusing to play jazz music. A Jazz musician himself, the madman liked to chop up his victims with an ax, and had murdered 8 people before he was killed. The arrival of the Axeman allowed the show to step away a bit from the Witch War of 2013, and instead allow Evan Peters and Misty Day to join our main coven of witches. Now that these two are involved in the main story, the coven has the additional power they’ll need to take on Marie Laveau. (More…)


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