Arrow Episode (2×03) Review – “Broken Dolls”

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Arrow Season 2 Cast Poster Wide 775x529 Arrow Episode (2×03) Review – “Broken Dolls

Arrow Shocks Viewers With Major Name Drop in “Broken Dolls”

The CW’s Arrow has continued the television tradition of showcasing extra creepy episodes during Halloween season with “Creepy Dolls.” In this episode a criminal name Barton Mathis, also known as “The Doll Maker” has broken free from the Starling City prison thanks to the bomb Malcolm Merlyn sent off during the Undertaking. Besides being terrifying this episode also showed Quentin Lance and the Arrow working together to solve a case, which I loved. On the homefront, Oliver and Thea stood by Moira’s side as she was arraigned, while Roy made the acquaintance of the Black Canary.

“Wonderful, now we have a dead Japanese soldier in our house.” In flashback land Oliver, Slade and Shado investigated the dead Japanese soldier they discovered last week. While Shado checked out the skeleton, the boys went off to do manly things. Slade continued to be jealous over Oliver and Shado’s relationship, and it’s kind of really annoying. However, I have a feeling his jealousy is going to come into play later on this season. During Slade and Oliver’s trek through the jungle, Slade fell off a cliff and almost died. Oliver is going to regret saving his life and it will probably be sometime soon. (More…)


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